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Innovative Development


We are proud of the innovation and progressive development in the oil and gas sector. Devon is home to the Devon Research Centre, that houses CanmetEnergy and Innotech Alberta, which among other things focuses on the development of new technology to lessen the environmental impact of fossil fuels with a particular emphasis on the oil sands and heavy oil extraction. The centre employs approximately 130 people ranging from scientists, engineers, technologists, managers and support staff and has an annual budget of $20M. CanmetEnergy is Canada’s leading research & technology organization in the field of clean energy whose projects, unique facilities, and key stakeholders drive cleaner production and uses of energy resources.

DRC brings great opportunities and value for the Town Of Devon opening the door for cleantech sector alliances and business attraction.

The DRC works closely with industry, government and academic partners and lend expertise to Canadian industry through collaborations in research and development (R&D) and demonstration of leading-edge oil sands extraction, processing, upgrading and waste management technologies.

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