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Affluent and Culturally Diverse

Devon has a young, vibrant and growing population of 6,575 based on the 2016 Statistics Canada Census. The immediate region has a population of over 61,000 and access to 1.5 million people in the inclusive Capital Region. The current median age of Devon’s population is 38.7 years, which creates a stimulus for the employment of young, talented and energetic staff. The 2016 gross household income sits at $100,608, which is higher than the provincial average of $93,835. Additional benefits include easier access to entry level housing. 2016 Census showed average housing values at approximately 3.5% lower than adjacent communities and 23.5% lower than the provincial average.  Devon residents are educated, talented and value the quality of life offered in our small community.

Educated Workforce  

The town of Devon ranks higher than the Provincial average in the apprenticeship and trades certified, accounting for 17% of all employees. In an age where skilled workers are the lifeblood of many organizations, this makes Devon’s capital an attractive choice.

Top 5 job sectors in Devon include, construction, professional, scientific and technical services, accommodations, food services and retail Trade.

Strong Government Support

The Town of Devon’s Mayor and Council is strongly committed to strengthening and enhancing local business. In November 2017, Council unveiled a number of bold strategic priories, which among them included the creation of an Economic Development Action Plan, an Industrial Land Strategy, review of Devon’s Downtown Vitalization Plan, and the creation of a business case for a community recreation facility as a driver for economic stimulus.

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