Subdivision occurs when land is divided into two or more parcels to obtain a different land title or land use. The different Land Use Districts are outlined in the Town of Devon Land Use Bylaw. In addition, the Land Use District Maps provide a visual representation of where these Districts are located within the Town’s corporate limits.

Application Process

If you are planning to subdivide land, here is what you need to know:

  • You must fill out the Subdivision Application and submit it to the Town of Devon.

  • The Subdivision Authority will notify the applicant whether the application has been deemed complete, within 3 working days of the receipt of the subdivision application, if in the opinion of the Subdivision Authority all the necessary documents have been submitted.

  • The application is then circulated for review and comments.

  • Referral agencies will have 21 calendar days to provide a response regarding the application.

  • A decision will be made within 45 calendar days from the acceptance of the application, unless otherwise specified under the Municipal Government Act.

Note: within the corporate limits of the Town of Devon, Council is the Subdivision Authority.

Subdivision Application Fees

$700 per subdivision application, plus $50 per lot or condominium unit to a maximum fee of $3,000


For more information about building and development permits, please contact:

Marilyn McMartin, Planning & Development Officer
P: 780-987-8327

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