The River Response Project

River Response Project

What is a watershed?

A watershed is like a funnel, collecting all the water in one area that drains into the nearest body of water. Here in Devon, all of our water or anything that goes down our storm drains, goes directly into the North Saskatchewan River Watershed. This is the water we play in when we visit the river and the water that becomes our drinking water.

Through our River Response Project, you’ll have access to easy and fun ways to promote the restoration and resiliency of our watershed! Check out our videos below!

Learn more about watersheds here!

Book an Interactive Learning Session

The River Response Project is offering interactive learning for all ages to see first-hand what the impact of pollution can be on our environment as well as fun ways to restore our watershed! Interactive learning sessions can be booked for a small group, school classroom, or family.

Contact us for more information, and to book a personalized session!

River Response Project Videos

To see more, check out our Town of Devon YouTube Channel

How do plants help our environment?


Welcome back to your River Response Project! Today we are learning about how plants help our environment from preventing landslides to supplying oxygen.  

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How does trash impact our environment?


The River Response Project is a way for us to learn about how to promote resiliency and restoration in our watershed! Learn with me today about how trash impacts our environment and the small changes we can make to reduce that impact (including the craft we made this week!).  

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Upcycled Art


Today for our River Response Project, we will learn about upcycling and its creative uses including a mural right here in Devon made out of Tim Hortons gift cards. Visit Acupuncture with Aimee on Facebook and Instagram to see more of Amy’s work in the community. Check Pinterest for a wide variety of upcycle craft ideas and tag us in your creative endeavours. Happy upcycling!  

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Storm Drains


Let’s talk storm drains! Today the River Response Project covers just what our storm drains are and how we can use them properly. Picking up our trash, making sure our water run-off goes into the right drains, and exploring organic pesticide and insecticide options are three small examples of how we can protect our river valley!  

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Wildlife in Devon


Let's learn about the wildlife we have in our river valley here in Devon! If you would like more resources about our watershed and environment, register for the River Response Interactive Learning Event on for one hour of learning and activities with Janelle. You can also register for the River Response Activity Kit which includes crafts, an activity booklet, and environmentally friendly resources - all totally free and delivered to your door for your entire household to enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife this week! 

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Recycling in Devon


Today for River Response, let's learn some of the details about recycling in Devon including which waste goes where and the different options we have for disposing of waste easily! Visit for more information and to book your Interactive Learning Event. 

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Devon Terrains: Highwood Wetland


The River Response Project hears from Allan Macauley all about the restoration efforts done by the community in the Highwood Wetlands and speaks about the preservation about our unique terrains around Devon. Visit The Devon Nature Club on Facebook for more information and to ask your own questions about aiding our environment from your own backyard! Your family can also register for the River Response Activity Kit on for resources and activities for the entire family. 

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